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Technische Universitat Muenchen Student Chapter

Student Chapter
Department of Chemistry, Technical Electrochemistry Lichtenbergstr. 4
Garching, Bavaria D-85748
Active members:

Chapter Officers

Name Position Start End Email
Berger Anne Student Chapter Secretary 09/12/2019
Gasteiger Hubert Student Chapter Faculty Advisor 01/01/2015
Hartig-Weiss Alexandra Student Chapter Past President 12/20/2018
Oswald Stefan Student Chapter Treasurer 09/12/2019
Reuter Lennart Student Chapter President 09/12/2019
Schmidt Christoph Student Chapter Vice President 11/29/2017
Schmidt Christoph Paul Student Chapter Vice President 09/12/2019
Schneider Oliver M. Student Chapter Faculty Advisor 04/08/2016
Solchenbach Sophie Student Chapter Past President 11/29/2017
Tok Guelen Ceren Student Chapter Past President 09/12/2019

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