Nanoscale Devices, Materials and Biological Systems: Fundamentals and Applications
Cahay, Bandyopadhyay, Hasegawa, Leburton, Seal, Urquidi-Macdonald, Guo, Koshida, Lockwood, and Stella

isbn: 978-1-56677-456-7
event: 206th ECS Meeting: Honolulu, Hawaii
format: Hardcover
pages: 662
published: 2005
This proceedings volume contains papers addressing recent developments in the area of nanoscale semiconductor, metallic, and organic structures. Emphasis is placed on quantum effects and single electron storage in small scale Silicon and III-V compound structures and devices. Some papers cover fundamental issues in luminescence physics and chemistry of new classes of phospher and porous materials including both atomic and molecular structures. Other papers cover fundamental aspects of science and engineering of spatial confinement in nanostructures, as well as related technology and applications.

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