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ECS Pacific Northwest Section: Conjugated Metal–Organic Nanostructures: Synthesis and Electrochemical Applications

August 17, 2022
ECS Webinar
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As sources of renewable electricity become increasingly abundant, new conductive porous architectures that can directly interface with electrical energy are needed. Conjugated 2D metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) are a rapidly emerging class of nanoporous conductors with excellent chemical tunability and high surface areas. These materials have shown promise in electrochemical energy storage, conversion, and sensing applications. In this presentation, Dr. Dianne Xiao will detail her group’s efforts to (1) control the morphology of conjugated 2D MOF nanocrystals, as well as (2) use the square planar structural motifs found in 2D systems to construct lower dimensionality architectures that preserve extended conjugation and interior cavities. Ultimately, says Xiao, the group aims to design new conductive porous materials that can be used to electrify chemical catalysis and separations.

Learn about:

  • The current status and applications of electrically conductive metal–organic frameworks
  • How to control the morphology of 2D conductive metal–organic frameworks
  • New insights and properties gained from the synthesis of truncated 0D and 1D architectures

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