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ECS Pacific Northwest Section: Single-Molecule Imaging of the Electrochemical Interface

October 22, 2021
ECS Webinar

The electrochemical interface is widely considered as one of the most complex and least understood places in chemical systems. Yet, it plays a critical role in numerous scientific and technological processes, including electrocatalysis, energy conversion, and energy storage. Prof. Bo Zhang’s laboratory has been interested in developing and using highly sensitive and highly resolving (both spatially and temporally) analytical methods to better understand the dynamic nature of the electrochemical interface. In this presention, Prof. Zhang focuses on recent research in applying the method of single-molecule and super-resolution fluorescence microscopy to study the nucleation, growth, and dissolution of hydrogen nanobubbles on an electrode surface. He will describe how to extract useful information about the potential-dependent bubble size, rate of nucleation, and the spatial distribution. Prof. Zhang will discuss what can be learned from the transient adsorption and desorption behavior of single fluorophores on the gas/water interface. He will also demonstrate how to use this method to characterize electrocatalytic nanomaterials and the possibility of observing the “hydrogen spillover” effect in an aqueous phase.


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