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Nanoscale Luminescent Materials 2 – 221st ECS Meeting

Nanoscale Luminescent Materials 2 – 221st ECS Meeting

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Quick Overview:
This symposium focused on those characteristics of nanoscale materials that relate to their luminescence properties. Relevant topics covered included: effects of quantum confinement, the role of surface states, loss mechanisms, methods to improve luminescence efficiency, bulk vs. nanoparticle luminescence, and the role of phonons in nanomaterials. Articles based on presentations at the Seattle meeting cover: (1) basic physical properties of luminescent nano-materials including insulators, semiconductors, organics, and polymers; (2) nanophosphors for biophotonics and biomarkers; (3) nanoparticles for light emmiting diodes and next generation lighting applications; (4) luminescent properties of fabricated nano-structures (nanowires, nanorods, nanodots, etc.); and (5) nanophosphors for traditional phosphor applications such as X-ray and scintillator phosphors, phosphors for VUV excitation, and persistent phosphors. 

$104.61 - Nanoscale Luminescent Materials 2

$83.69 - Nanoscale Luminescent Materials 2

Number of pages:248
Authors/Editors:Lockwood and Mascher
Event Title:221st ECS Meeting: Seattle, WA
Product Code:T201204505
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