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Clean Water Technologies – 221st ECS Meeting

Clean Water Technologies – 221st ECS Meeting

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Quick Overview:
Water has been called “the oil of the 21st century”. Forty-one percent of the Earth’s population (2.3 billion), live in water-stressed areas, and that number is expected to grow to 3.5 billion by 2025. According to the World Health Organization, one billion people live without clean, piped water and 3.5 million deaths occur annually due to water-related illnesses. The papers in this issue of ECS Transactions focus on materials, devices, methodologies, and systems for water treatment and sanitation. Paper topics may include reactor or treatment systems, treatment reactor design and modeling, electrode materials and design, membrane technology, desalinization, catalysts, disinfection, technologies related to industrial inorganic and organic waste, corrosion, metal removal, sewage treatment, integrated or remote sensing and biosensing, solid-state or organic sensors for water quality, and pre-concentrators for ultra-low concentrations.

$29.36 - Clean Water Technologies

$23.49 - Clean Water Technologies

Number of pages:61
Year published:2013
Authors/Editors:Aguilar, Natishan, Weidner, Stoner, Inman, Taylor
Event Title:221st ECS Meeting: Seattle, WA
Product Code:T201204517
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